About Me

Once upon a time in the distant long ago, I was a reasonably successful magazine publisher and editor working mostly on movie magazines. A bit of a wanderer, I worked as a gamekeeper, spent a delightful twenty odd years as a senior local government officer and served both in the merchant navy and the military police before finally turning to writing and publishing. I have lived in South Africa and spent some time in the USA. In 1996 I won the prestigious Ian St. James Countryside Short Story Award and that same year the amusing title of Littlehampton’s Pub Poet. Three times runner up in the David Gemmell short story competition and have published fourteen western novels, several under the pseudonym of Harry Jay Thorn. I was a member of the Western Writers of America and still have a special interest in US law enforcement. .

I moved back to Littlehampton twenty years ago with my two children – now both taller and smarter than their dad – and continued with my writing. I currently work an allotment and write a weekly, sometimes controversial sometimes, I hope, amusing column in the Littlehampton Gazette under the name of Whispering Smith. I also continue to write short stories, some set locally and some in the US, and currently am working on another western novel and a novel set in Littlehampton. I am a devoted fan of the western movie and enthusiastically bore my friends and kids with endlessly western movie anecdotes – ah, the thrill of it all!

The reason for this website is to offer my short stories, my column and poetry to as wide an audience as possible. The choice will be there, a western or USA based story or a familiar story from my memories of childhood and later as an adult in the Littlehampton area. You will not be inundated but the stories will change from time to time and your feedback will be welcomed.

Thanks for reading this and for your continued interest…

Chris Adam Smith aka Whispering Smith

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