Little things mean a lot…

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April 2, 2018 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette March 22nd 2018

Plastic, the plundering of the environment for profit, building and selling weapons of mass destruction, pollution, power-seeking world politicians and we, the people, are heading this beautiful planet slowly but surely to the tip. Some things we can do little about but plastic isn’t one of those. It has now been discovered that even bottled drinking water is likely to contain microplastic. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Buy a refillable flask, and a reusable coffee cup – Costas and Edgcumbes give you a discount on your coffee if you use one – avoid plastic covered bananas and other fruit and veg, look to stores who supply snacks of produce in paper bags just as they did not so many years ago or buy a hessian shopping bag that really will last you a lifetime. These things will help. Other environmental issues may be a little harder to fix and a little further out of reach but not so far as to allow them to be ignored. Rail against fox hunting, tree clearing, fracking, the killing of our natural wildlife in order to protect birds that are bred in their thousands and are doomed to be shot for ‘sport’. Eat free range where you can find it, make a noise. Badger your MP and even if your shout is a mere whisper remember, a lot of whispers can make a heck of a noise.

 YOU may have noted the hand painted stones hidden in plain sight along the prom or maybe in the grass or the parks and other open spaces, they are more than just miniature works of art. Turn one over and you will find a message on the reverse: ‘CancerWise Rocks, share on Fb and re-hide.’ I understand from my friends at the Putting Green Café that many of the stones have been painted by children – fabulous idea. As soon as the snow clears I will be down the beach selecting suitable rocks and painting them with a bird motif. If you find one, please re-hide it and, if you are able, make a small donation to Chichester based independent CancerWise charity, they have an online Just Giving page. Little things really can mean a lot.

ONE evening last week a person or persons unknown walked through our Mewsbrook Park and trampled and completely trashed a large bed of lovely spring daffodils. This was something far more serious than mere vandalism, to extract pleasure from such an act goes deeper and is far darker than mere mischief.

*Stones pictured created by Marta, Toby and Harriet

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