Ball, book and scandal…

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August 14, 2017 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette August 3rd. 2107

It’s a bit like popping down the rabbit hole to a Wonderland where rate payers are forever wondering what to wonder about next! The local authority grants the building of thousands of houses encouraging folk to move here as well as to offer a range of housing for the local market without first insuring that the social infrastructure is in place to support the exponentially exploding populace. The loss of the surgery at Morrisons is bordering on the totally incompetent and is at the very least an inexcusable muddle by authorities that should know better and to whom we pay and rely upon to serve us. That it should take three years to decide what is needed is in itself a Mad Hatter’s delight. While the powers that be procrastinated it appears that a shrewd developer has slipped in under the radar and nicked the site and, whatever its future, will no doubt be granted planning permission. Who to blame, I know not but someone should carry the can for this blunder and then quietly leave the tea party. One way or another this fiasco has a knock-on effect to all Littlehampton residents in whichever part of the area they live.

TRAWLING the book sections of the charity shops last week I came upon two almost new children’s books lovingly inscribed to a child from an admiring parent. Sad sight, is that all books are worth to children these days? My kids still have books we bought them before they could read. Lord of the Rushie River and Goodnight Moon spring to mind.

I SEE a lot of ‘mature’ folk playing sports these days. Thursday for instance two Norfolk Gardens tennis courts were full and the bowling green’s there and at Maltravers were buzzing. Perhaps it is time I got in on the game but those ball sports seem to require a lot of bending down and I don’t do bending down. Is dominoes a sport…?

Book featured is Lord of the  Rushie River by Cicely Mary Barker, a much loved book of  my own children… and a ‘keeper!’

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