The long and the short and the tall


July 26, 2017 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette July 20th 2017

THE LONG: One of the few perks of being a columnist on a local paper is that one does get invited to events that may well have been otherwise overlooked. This week I was invited to a preview of an exhibition at the East Beach Café of studies by local photographer Laura Mott. Nowadays we all take photographs of varying quality with our iPhones and proudly post them on Facebook, it is a grounding experience to see that there is an admirably different level of work achieved by a professional eye and a quality high-spec camera. And this exhibition proved that. Laura’s photographs, unlike my snapshots, are delicately constructed and well observed, many of them showing Littlehampton in a sharply focused light. If you have time drop along, have a coffee and enjoy, take the long view of our seaside town. Folk may well be looking at them in fifty years’ time when the green is covered in flats, ‘ah’ I hear them saying, wistfully: ‘remember how it looked back in 2017…’

THE SHORT: Passing through Mewsbrook Park last Thursday afternoon  I discovered a headless, armless and legless – hence very short – black mannequin floating front side down. Now I wonder where that came from?

THE TALL: Dropped in to catch A Midsummers Night’s Dream, knock about Shakespeare presented by the Rainbow Theatre at the lovely outdoor Highdown theatre. As usual it was entertaining, rollicking and the weather held fair, picnic didn’t poison and the wine stayed chilled. One complaint – there is always one – Very difficult to see what is going on at the lower stage level, all you can view, unless you are eight feet tall or climb a tree, is the action from about the waist up. It surely would be a simple enough issue to raise the stage a couple of feet so that we of limited stature can also see what is going on at ground level.

One thought on “The long and the short and the tall

  1. Piers Street says:

    How kind of you! Kippers on their way Monday evening!! Hope no 1 not been repossessed yet! Lots love. P and G xx

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