Tallyho, tallyho as off to vote we go ho, ho…


May 21, 2017 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette May 18th 2017

 I have just seen the planning application for the demolition of the old Ockendon/Tap and Barrel premises and the seeking of planning approval for a block of flats. Unbelievable, it could only be in Littlehampton that someone would advocate the destruction of this lovely, perfectly serviceable flint building, one of the few remaining in the direct area, for yet another block of flats. Surely, situated as it is in the very centre of town, a better use can be found for it. If this application is allowed it will not only be a bad error of judgement on the part of Arun but, to my mind, an act of sheer vandalism. You can object, that is why the notice is posted…so pens to paper or email Arun, your local councillor and the town council asap! The application reference number is: LU/117/17/PL and you only have until the 24th of May so do not delay.

WHILE I try very hard to avoid comment on either religion or politics and anyway, I guess like most of you, I am more than fed up with the seemingly never-ending diatribe of comment in the national press or on the television. Nevertheless, last week I had to ask myself did I really want my future wellbeing to be in the hands of someone who openly advocates the act of a pack of dogs chasing an animal until it is exhausted and then standing by and watching with satisfaction as that terrified animal is torn to pieces? That single lack of humanity tells one an awful lot about that person. Of course, this is just my personal opinion…

BUMPED into a regular reader of the column in Sainsbury’s this morning who asked me if I had heard any news regarding another Top Hat reunion. Sadly not, but certainly for those of us enjoying a certain age, the last one proved to be very popular so it isn’t a bad idea…

One thought on “Tallyho, tallyho as off to vote we go ho, ho…

  1. get organising the reunion Chris….can’t wait to Jive againxxkeep scribblingxx

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