Ducking, diving and swanning around…

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May 12, 2017 by Whispering Smith


Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette May 4th. 2017

I suppose part of the seaside and lakeside park ‘experience’ is to feed the swans, gulls and the ducks and usually the handiest of grub for them in most cases is white bread. Big mistake in so many ways. Feeding the gulls only encourages them to congregate in large numbers and so earn themselves an undeserved and thoroughly bad name among the locals. The swans and ducks, like man, cannot maintain a healthy life on bread alone!  Well, interestingly enough the RSPB have recently issued a request on this subject asking people to consider the alternatives. Never feed these birds white or mouldy bread, the first is of no nutritional value and the second can cause them to suffer from debilitating illnesses such as angel wing, it also badly pollutes their watery environment causing more problems for them. Chips – a seaside favourite for birds – crackers and sweets are also to be avoided. Better to give them corn, spuds, lettuce, peas and porridge oats, these are what they need especially at this time of the year when they are raising their young. Great as it is to see the children involved with the wild life and sharing their sandwiches with these entertaining birds as an act of kindness, it is just the opposite. Sometimes it is actually kinder not to be kind.

CLLRS Chapman and Dendle are out of the Arun cabinet. Leader Gill Brown emailed… ‘I need a strong, loyal cabinet who will have to take some tough decisions this year and I need people who will support me in this difficult process.’ Sound familiar? Where have I heard similar comments in recent days? Ah, yes, from Theresa May so, it would be good for all if Cllr Brown could call a snap election for ADC cllrs and give the electorate a chance to have their say as more than a few members are fed up with the current leadership and their highhanded ways.…

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