Littering really is the big waste of time – bin it!


April 28, 2017 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette April 20th 2017

Walking along the prom on Saturday watching a Lucozade bottle rolling along with the breeze, adults stepped over it, a kid kicked it and I binned it. What is it with people and litter? I was looking after a friend’s dog last week. My kids thought she would be good company for me.  Hmmm, ever tried to have a conversation with an elderly deaf dog? It is a bit one-sided to say the least. Anyway, she did get me out and about in the early mornings and in the late afternoons. A lot of litter about at those times of the day, especially in the mornings. Barbecues on the green, little rock piles, scorched grass, party debris, beer cans and silver BBQ trays lying around. On one of my twice daily walks across the green I passed a group of young adults sitting on the benches just south of The Crescent, they were drinking water and fruit drinks mostly, hanging out, having fun in the sun. As I passed them I picked up an empty plastic water bottle from the next bench along and made a show of shoving it in the bin situated a couple of yards away to their right, thinking to myself, ‘monkeys see, monkeys do.’ Simples! I was wrong. When I passed by an hour later they were gone but they had left their trash behind for someone else to clear away. I guess they were not as smart as monkeys after all.

DAVID Stokes is a little too long in the tooth to be called a shoeshine boy and he will not give you a song but, for a quid, he will give your shoes a good shine.  He is in the High Street market every Friday and is planning on expanding his business to offices and care homes if required. He is a cheerful enough fellow and it is worth a visit just to sit there and watch the passers-by watching you…

Photo: The morning after the night before… 


One thought on “Littering really is the big waste of time – bin it!

  1. Lin says:

    Litter. We’re all cowards. A bit of confrontation in a nice way. Ignore the flack you’ll get back and tell it how it is. I’m frequently told to …… off but I don’t care. It does have an effect eventually. Failing that take a pic and send it to council. I HATE litter. I live in London it’s awful

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