Where have all the coppers gone, long time passing…?

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April 3, 2017 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette March 23rd. 2017

WHEN did you last see a policeman walking the beat in Littlehampton? Me, I am in town most days and even I cannot remember. No coppers and no community police and we are constantly told that cuts will not reduce the front-line officers. Not being judgemental here in any way but passing the back of Sainsbury one day last week four lads sitting on the wall quietly chatting away and puffing on doobies. The pot is debateable and I have no strong opinion one way or the other but I do hate to see youngsters smoking, it is so obviously bad for their health, if not now then it certainly can catch up with you later in life. Well done to my Facebook friends who have fought the good fight and won – you know who you are!

WHILE the Brexit war with Scotland rages on there is apparently a battle even closer to home. It appears that the powers that be in Arundel are proposing to knock down the old toilet block and turn it into a picnic area. Opponents to that idea say that there are already enough picnic areas in Arundel and the building itself should be converted into something more attractive. We are told that the largest picnic area is not actually in Arundel at all but in the parish of South Stoke. You could have fooled me, so why the heck is it known far and wide as Arundel Park?

SPRING is really here as is the first Little Things Music and Artisan Courtyard Market of the year. DATE: March the 25th.  TIME: 10am to 4pm. PLACE: Evans Garden Courtyard. Go visit, listen, chat, spend a little and enjoy some good company. See you there.

OUR precious bonfire night is safe at least for another year, the new secretary has taken the reins and all should be ready for the next parade, bonfire and firework display. I never doubted that it wouldn’t be.

Photo: Arundel Park… or should it be South Stoke Park?

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