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March 11, 2017 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette March 2nd. 2017

DELIGHTED to see the ‘do not feed the seagulls’ signs at the Rustington end of the promenade. The handsome crows will be grumpier than ever but they prefer to feed on dead crabs and dog fish and it would be a lot healthier for the gulls if they did likewise. Now, let those same signs be displayed along the river walk and ‘swans’ be added to a display at Fisherman’s Quay. One glance at the swans poop will show they are not eating healthily.

AND, on the subject of signs how about the reinstatement of the ‘no cycling’ signs in Littlehampton’s pedestrianised precinct? I am getting very fed up with dodging their progress as they weave among the crowds of shoppers even on a Friday market day when there is little pedestrian room anyway. Surely an accident waiting to happen.

WHILE litter is not as big a problem in our town as in some areas, fly tipping is still going on. In my area several lumps of discarded furniture have been cleared at the expense of Arun when that should be the responsibility of the landlords who collect the rents. Maintenance of these properties also leaves a lot to be desired and one house near me has had the windows boarded for some time now a singular lack of pride in an area several of us have worked hard to improve. And don’t you just love walking along a pavement littered with dozens of dogends because the smokers in the flats cannot bother with an ashtray and prefer to toss their debris into the street?

ON the bright side, spring is just around the corner and last Saturday the river walk and the prom were very much alive with adults, children and happy canines giving the sun a warm welcome. Full marks to Liam’s volunteer mixed age crew who spent the morning spreading woodchips along the muddy paths of Lobs Wood. Top people!

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