Much change but Mewsbrook Park will prevail…


March 6, 2017 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette February 16th 2017

There was a flurry of snow in the air as I wandered across a landscape more reminiscent of a WW1 battlefield than a corner of our lovely Mewsbrook Park. ‘Tis true you can’t make an omelette without breaking an egg or two and logs and sawdust bore witness to the beginnings of quite a few omelettes. I never paid much attention in the past to that ugly white dome thing and its attendant rusting container hut, perhaps because it was hidden by lovely macrocarpa trees now felled to make way for the new leisure centre. This Monterey Cypress is a super wood for carving and it is hoped that much of the timber can be utilised throughout the park as both sculpture and as bird feeding stations. Every effort has been made by Arun and the local volunteers to ensure that the tranquillity of the Park will prevail and that nature will always be one of the top priorities of all concerned. Ecologists have worked with the developers to ensure that bats and other woodland creatures if present were protected before felling commenced. Pawprints in the old fox earth showed recent usage but they too have found a new home and, I suspect, that to be somewhere close by as they do not like changing their territory. It is understandable that some folk are worried for the future of the Park but I firmly believe that all that can be done to preserve its integrity, including extensive new tree planting, will be done. It was the wish of the people that the leisure centre be replaced and progress usually means change and, in this case, my thinking is that it will be a small change and a great success. Mind you, Mewsbrook could always do with more volunteers to ensure that bright future is honoured. Follow them on facebook, or enquire at the excellent Park Café. Join up!

YET another vape shop in town? Unbelievable, what is that all about?

One thought on “Much change but Mewsbrook Park will prevail…

  1. Cynthia says:

    Good to read your commentary on the Mewsbrook development. Thank God for community minded people like you. By the way I have just bought a blown up photo of recent floods featuring abedraggled fox clinging to a tree stump in the foreground ,watching a couple of farmers rescuing sheep in a boat.. the fox swam away after a rest

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