The train for 2017 may eventually arrive on platform 3


January 16, 2017 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette January 5th. 2017

I realize that I may be bit out of step here in saying that I have no respect or liking for the so called honourssystem. You honour someone to show them great respect and there are few at the top of this year’s list I can feel that way about. Honours for what? For being able to go top of the class in kicking, batting, racketing or clubbing a ball? Or maybe being able to run or swim faster than anyone else? Or maybe being a comedian with a tickling stick for a prop? Or simply by handing a load of dosh to a political party or for having a good steady job as a civilservant at our expense. For being a hairdresser? For being a new young contender when so many others have a lifetime of unrecognised achievement behind them? All our paralympians gave of their best, how do you select one for an honour above another? But possibly the saddest of all getting an ‘honour’ for being Victoria Beckham, dress designer. Give me a break, no wonder some folk send them back or refuse to accept them in the first place. So many who give so much of their time and effort in serving a local community or the environment in general are lost in the shuffle.

THAT’S it for another year and it be will at least eight months before the stores again display their Christmas fare. 2016 was a miserable affair with wars, a year of goodbyes ending with the passing of Carrie Fisher and Leonard Cohen. Donald Trump for president? I assured my American neighbour, much troubled by the prospect, that it could never happen. I also told my children that we would remain in the EU… Still, as I start my crisp new RSPB Calendar we may all get to see a very different 2017 than the one we expect although I doubt Southern Rail will improve.

Photo: Arundel Castle from The Black Rabbit one late winter’s evening.

One thought on “The train for 2017 may eventually arrive on platform 3

  1. Cynthia says:

    Always the cynic, Chris. I would be lost without music, art, movies sport to lift my spirits in this sad world . They work hard and don’t have a normal life. I don’t begrudge them accolades. Civil servants get paid but what a thankless and abused life they lead. Let’s celebrate all life and give thanks for a sense of humour and accept a pat on the back with dignity xx

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