Princess Marina and memories of Leonard Cohen

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December 8, 2016 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith column published in the Littlehampton Gazette November 17th 2016

 In this cockamamie, noisy, frightening, cruel and uncertain post-Trumptonian world it is a welcome and unusual change to find a little oasis right on your very own doorstep. Well I have. Last week I went along to the Princes Marina with another old RAF friend and booked up for their lunch club meal. Peaceful tranquillity with a lovely sea view setting. All around pristine comfort, a small bar, we partook of a couple of Spitfires, rather fitting don’t you know. Good company in the lounge, a three-course meal and a very nice cup of coffee in the dining room and regular afternoon entertainment followed by tea and cake, all served by a very smart and friendly staff. Unusually for me, I can’t fault it in any way – even the price was extraordinarily reasonable. You do need to book as space is limited and you must be either a guest of someone who has served, or has a strong connection to someone else who has served in the RAF.

MY favourite quote of the week came from my daughter: ‘I liked the world better when Obama was the US president and Leonard Cohen was alive.’ How could one not agree with that? Cohen was a firm favourite of mine and very much an influence on my writing back in the day when I believed myself to be a bit of a writer, poet and  romantic. Well why not?

 GOOD news regarding Winterwatch, Martin Hughes-Games is set to appear albeit in a different role but one he seems quite happy with. Perhaps the Beeb does sometimes hearken to the wishes of the viewer.

 ANOTHER E-cigarette shop opened, this time in Beach Road. Am I missing something here, is this a winner, should I be getting in on the ground floor while there is still a heap of vacant premises in the town or will it blow itself out?


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