Writing to your MP, is it worth the effort?

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November 16, 2016 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette Octoberr 27th 2016

I have written about this in the past and nothing has changed. Should your MP be a mouthpiece for the government or should he or she represent you with an independent point of view which may differ from that of the government? My daughter and I have written to our MP Nick Gibb on many occasions – usually on environmental and animal welfare issues – each time the letter had been passed to the minister or department concerned for their comment and that comment then sent on as his reply to us. Never has he answered the basic question; what are his thoughts on the issue concerned? I recently wrote asking if he would be attending the debate on driven grouse shooting and what his stance was regarding this typically cruel blood sport. The usual answer, a forwarded reply from the minister concerned supporting the slaughter.

‘WHAT time does this train get into Victoria?’ I asked the conductor. ‘Sorry, Sir, there has been a delay.’ Of course there has been a delay. There is always a delay when I travel by Southern Rail that is why I don’t often travel by train. ‘Leaves on the rails?’ I ask. ‘Sorry, Sir, I don’t have that information.’ Of course you never do have that information. The seats seem much narrower these days, there is a large man jammed in beside me, he has a red hot thigh. There are three irritatingly noisy  mobile phone conversations going on, an inane conversation about rap music, an ‘everyone listen to me’ conversation from a young man in a suit and a conversation in a language I do not understand but sounds more interesting than the other two. I switch to Bob Dylan playing on my ipod – I hope I am not singing along with him!

COME on people, you gave me your word now give it to the Town Clerk and bring an end to the killing of foxes on allotments.

Photograph of autumn leaves in Slindon

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