The Church, the fox and the E-cigarette

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November 5, 2016 by Whispering Smith

 Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette October 20th.2016

LAST Saturday’s meeting re the closure of St. James’ Church was well attended by over 150 but as a regular member of the congregation said to me afterwards, come Sunday’s service there will only be a dozen or so in attendance and therein lies the rub. The Church of England is always pleading poverty, check out their wealth on the internet before you burst into tears, and cannot afford to keep St James’ open. However The Archdeacon the Venerable Douglas McKittrick, a likeable and patient man, coping admirably with a very dodgy sound system and accompanied by his local colleagues, assured the meeting that the wrecking ball had not thus far been considered as an option. He confirmed there would be a two year period of consultation in order to find an alternative answer which, in reality, would most certainly mean an alternative or shared usage. The Mayor along with a goodly sprinkling of local councillors offered to help coordinate the various suggestions. Now it is really up to the populace to come up with viable ideas that will ensure the safety of this sacred building.

THINGS are moving slowly on the fox front and the council are to re-examine the issue, the problem here is that while they procrastinate foxes are still needlessly being cruelly trapped and shot. Please keep up the pressure by writing or emailing the town clerk, your ward councillor and committee members. We will win this one but the powers that be who supposedly serve us, do need convincing from inside Littlehampton rather than from the outside although that can and will be arranged if all else fails.

ANOTHER E-cigarette shop to open in the town centre? Good luck to them but we already have two such stores and a weekly stall in the Friday Market. Do we need another? It is hardly likely to attract more shoppers to Littlehampton. Regeneration? I don’t think so.

Photo: Autumn in Arundel 

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