Classic cars, body swaps and big ears

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October 20, 2016 by Whispering Smith

Whispering smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette October 6th 2016

I AM not such a man as to covet my neighbour’s possessions. I have what I have and, by and large, I am happy with my lot. If I crave more I will write faster. However, walking around the forty classic cars gathering at Mewsbrook a couple of Saturdays ago, I did feel a mean and unwanted twitch of envy.  The immaculate Triumph Vitesse convertible my first new car and a lovely Herald, a first for my wife prompted the question, why do they not make such lovely looking cars nowadays instead of the computer designed boxes on wheels we all seem to satisfy ourselves with? Thank you Mewsbrook Park for a very entertaining summer that included the return of the miniature railway and the boating lake fleet and three cygnets for John Swan and partner.

I accidently overheard the daftest, or maybe the most profound question, last week whilst sitting on the longest bench. An elderly woman was telling her companion that she had read in a newspaper there was a man who wanted a ‘body swap’ whereby his head would be attached to a new body as his own was clapped out. Her friend’s response was: ‘How will they do that then?’ I wished later I had stayed and listened to her answer.

FOX update: Too late for last week’s column but I have now received a reply to my request to LALGA re allotment membership but the figures are unavailable as, according to the somewhat cheerful reply, ‘Unfortunately for you, they are protected by the Data Protection Legislation.’ So the struggle continues and it really is up to you now, concerned allotment holders and Littlehampton rate payers who disagree with the cruel, pointless and senseless policy of fox destruction. Many of you have given me your verbal support now tell the town council. A polite  email or letter to the town clerk will help no end, please do it today.

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