Brer Fox, Climping Church and a beach clean

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October 4, 2016 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette September 29th 2016

I usually support our town council, they do a difficult job well and it is very hard to please everyone. That said, I do believe where foxes and allotments are concerned they are either blinkered or being poorly advised and I suspect the latter to be true. While they procrastinate more animals are being needlessly culled, a euphemism for killed. Those followers of this column know my very strong views on this subject and I now ask those who have given me their verbal support to write a letter to the town clerk expressing that continued support, briefly, succinctly and, above all, politely.  If you have internet is the email address. I now have the support of a major fox welfare organisation which has, in cooperation with other local authorities, successfully halted the trapping and shooting of foxes on similar sites. I have approached LALGA as to how many of the 353 plot holders are members and received the answer I expected and, maybe secretly hoped for, silence. Look, let common sense prevail, it is a no brainer, simply put a halt to the killing, please.

MY persistence paid off and last week I gained entrance to Climping Church via the courtesy of Tony and Caleb, two Ford prisoners seeing out the last of their bit, proudly making a great job of putting the churchyard into superb order. The interior of St. Mary’s is wonderfully peaceful, lovely and strangely welcoming. Classic layout and comfortable wooden pews – I lingered too long and caught the Ford rush hour traffic home. I shall return on a Friday morning and take a cuppa along with my deliberations.

RECENTLY I bought a ‘litterpickerupper’ in a charity shop, now on my daily walk along the foreshore, I carry it and a Sainsbury’s plastic bag. I pick up rubbish, my way of giving something back for the privilege of living near to such a lovely beach.


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