The old fox, the Wetlands and the pouring rain

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September 27, 2016 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette September 15th 2016

Sadly, and in my opinion quite wrongly, the Town Council’s Community Resources Committee at the behest of LALGA, the Littlehampton Allotment & Leisure Gardens Association, voted five to two to continue the cruel and unnecessary practise of killing allotment foxes via baited trap and shooting. It was said that it only accounts for a half a dozen animals annually. This figure alone suggests what a nonsense it is. It simply shows that the six killed are replaced over the year by another six so the culling will continue ad infinitum. I have two questions for the LTC, one how many of the current 350 plot holders are members of LALGA and how many were consulted? My thanks to Cllrs Walsh and Tandy for their support. Should you feel as angry as I about this decision please express yourself either by letter or email to the Town Clerk or the chairman of LALGA both care of the town hall. The fight will continue. My thanks for your support.

THE rain soggied our hog rolls and upside down cakes, and watered down my beer but it could not dampen the spirits of those who turned up for the annual town show. Spirits were high with the old British stiff upper lip well displayed.

Wonderful experience at the Arundel Wetlands Centre this week when I joined with a knowledgeable group of long lensed birders to see my first osprey. Beautiful and I believe quite unusual, a young bird I suspect. My second first at Arundel this year, the other being a Raven. Well worth the annual membership and the grub’s not bad either.

THE Civic Society have been advised by the West Sussex Council that the algebraic formulae scattered about the town’s walkways are not the ramblings of some loopy nuclear physicist but the work of BT and has advised it is nought to do with any future regeneration planning. Make of that what you will.


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