Highways to Heaven, infinity and beyond…


September 11, 2016 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette August 25th 2016

An interesting letter last week (letters August 18th) regarding road signage into our seaside town. Out of interest I did a run from all avenues of approach and the writer does have a point. Once afoot in Littlehampton there are many excellent, informative easy to follow road and street signs such as those in the town centre, the riverside walk and the seafront. Fingerposts like the one situated at the southern end of Beach Road are useful to pedestrians but impossible to read from behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. So, fine once you are here but getting here can be a bit of a problem for driver’s as clear signage from the main points of entry are less helpful although better from a westerly approach. However, even those signs were all too often partially obscured by drooping tree branches and overgrown undergrowth. Nevertheless, I think fairly determined folk wanting to visit our lovely seaside town will find their way here, our sunny crowded beaches are proof of that.

RUSTINGTON Parish Church has completed its ‘reordering’ and I paid it a visit last week and, as expected, was sadly disappointed. Marble floors, giant TV screen, café style chairs, sound system and for me a complete lack of religious feeling. I am no stranger to the Church, I was Christened there as were my brother and sister who was actually married there and drawings and notes lurk in my old files of seemingly endless school trips. I hope and expect the current congregation will like the openness of it, the light and possibly the seating, but not for me I am afraid. Happy am I that, when I feel the need to visit a church for contemplation or communion with my Higher Power there are still lovely unspoilt Godly places such as Amberley, Sullington, Ford, South Stoke and Burpham to name just a few in this beautiful area twixt the downs and the sea.

Photo: The Shepherds Church at Didling. Lovely.

One thought on “Highways to Heaven, infinity and beyond…

  1. Cynthia says:

    Sorry you are still unhappy about St Perters and St Pauls Rustington but I feel the weekly worshippers and the younger generation are more than happy. The Church can’t be buried in the past or it will die. Our modern world is mainly comfortable and accessible and religion should be also. Anyway God is not found in a building He is in our hearts. Try communicating with Him daily in your home in the streets and the countryside He is the perfect companion. He is in your family and friends too, not to mention the beggar in the alley and the homeless in the doorway. Love always C

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