Summer entertainment from LOCA and the pesky Pokémon

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August 18, 2016 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette August 4th.2016

 WHAT would summer in Littlehampton be like without the involvement of LOCA? Pretty muted I would guess, they not only put on their Little Things Markets all summer long but a string of events that, as usual with the blessing of the sun god, proved to be delightfully entertaining. My favourite four in no particular order were the Love Festival on Caffyn’s field, even bigger, better and more entertaining this year, the mass Ukulele Jam, the fun Bamboo Band Picnic in the Park at the sadly underused bandstand – we could do with more of such summer seaside gigs throughout the holiday months – and the inspiring Arts Trail. A big thank you is due to all concerned, and that does include the local councils who pony up some of the dosh, local venues and, in particular, to the hard work and dedication to our enjoyment put in by Staci Mendoza Quinn and her bold, hardworking and cheerfully enthusiastic brigade of helpers, so A BIG THANK YOU..
 THERE really are some bad mannered folk about. I walked a friend’s dog on the beach at the weekend, a man threw a ball for his dog and another dog rushed to pick it up. The ball owner  went berserk and ranted at the owner of the bandit dog. When he had departed still mumbling to himself, the little girl accompanying the bandit dog owner whispered, ‘that was scary.’ The man looked at me and asked in a rich Australian accent, ‘What was he, a two year old?’ ‘I doubt it,’ I said, ‘two year olds are generally smarter than that.’
 APPARENTLY Littlehampton is a ‘hot spot’ for Pokémon Go. I have no idea exactly what Pokémon is but it does seem that it gets youngsters and their IPhones out along the prom and into the sunshine getting a dose of vitamin D rather than sitting indoors. No a bad thing.

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