Surgeries, railways, houses and regeneration, what a carry on!


August 11, 2016 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette July 21st 2016

I love Littlehampton and try hard not to be negative, it is what it is or rather what it was, a small seaside town quickly being choked to death with housing developments, an influx of people and no infrastructure to welcome their arrival. The lead story last week about the closing of East Street surgery leaving 7000 patients floating on a sea of uncertainty with health chiefs claiming their needs will be met, from where? Existing surgeries are already overstretched, we don’t need another Morrison’s fiasco. Turn a page and a senior exec of Southern Rail tells us rather complacently that they are the organisation best placed to run the franchise. Tell that to yourself when it takes you four hours to get from Victoria to here and you find yourself abandoned at Worthing or dumped at Barnham. Development of 1000 dwellings on the West Bank means another 2000 adults probably the same number of children, motor cars and 210 cats, this again needs much forward thinking and preparation. Town regeneration? Posh pavements and some greenery will not get it done, we need more decent shops to attract footfall and customers. Permanently removing the Littlehampton Wine Club and enforcing the precinct  ‘no cycling’ ban will help. Encourage enterprise by reducing the business rates, tart up the arcade and leave the town clock where it is. Yes, I do love Littlehampton…

My fourth visit to Burpham Church proved successful, the door was open and it was well worth the wait. Beautiful, restful and inspirational, a perfect place for the weary wayfarer or pilgrim to rest and take stock. Upon leaving I wandered outside past the public house to the deserted carpark and took a long hard look at the lovely Sussex Downs and I pondered upon all of the violence in the world, the hate, the skulduggery and the destructive quest that so many have for power and money and I wondered why.

2 thoughts on “Surgeries, railways, houses and regeneration, what a carry on!

  1. janekoszuta says:

    I so agree with what you say about Littlehampton!! And am envious that you found the lovely church at Burpham open … no luck so far this year for us.

  2. Cynthia says:

    It’s the way of the world and mankind. It’s the circle of life .Be content with what we have. Littlehampton is Little Hampton and nothing has changed in my life time, the river and the beach are what’s important. The railways need a hand and the church protection from vandals.

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