Plovers, crows and thieving magpies, they twitter on

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June 20, 2016 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette June 9th 2016

She did not have a chance really even though her mate had her back the whole time, the pressure must have been terrible. Anxious, agitated, constantly disturbed and always the corvids, the coal black crows, rasping magpies, the passing jackdaws all three allied to the ubiquitous herring gulls. Then, ever threatening, the hedgehogs, dogs, cats, fox and the heavy footed humans to contend with. The egg bearing nest was near invisible from the prom, just a scrape and small pile of pebbles, dead seaweed and grass stems, even if you knew it was there it was difficult to spot. She sat their four eggs gamely for fourteen days, she tried hard but then fed up with the shingle crunching feet of the recent bank holiday crowd that tiny ringed plover and her loyal mate moved on, hopefully to try and raise a brood elsewhere. Her last known address, the shingle among the sea cabbage just off the promenade opposite the skateboard park, her new address is, I hope, far from Littlehampton and on a safer ground.

INTERESTING  that Cllr Bower thinks only twits tweet, is he not aware that his party leader David Cameron has a twitter account as do both the Queen and the Pope? They like many of his colleagues on the Arun District Council  including his leader Cllr Dendle understand the power of the tweet and with correct useage the communication possibilities it offers. In many respects it can be the eyes and the ears of the community and, perhaps, that is why he does not approve, is frightened of it. All social media can be fun, stupid, petty, banal, both kind and cruel but above all it can and often is informative and perhaps, therein lies the rub, heaven forbid that we the people should be well informed…

A new sports complex proposed at Angmering Golf Course? That’s all we need more traffic on the A259…

Photo by Christine Elson

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