Buzzards, bantams, bespoke belts and bold old billy goats

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June 2, 2016 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette May 26th.2016

I like goats, they are much the same as sheep but more resilient, more feisty. Four of them staring at me with their devil eyes, one scratches his back with a wicked looking horn, then returns his attention to the cup of goat grub in my hand. I give it to them and they squabble and dance around then come to the fence for a closer look. In nearby pens rabbits demand attention as do a gaggle of snowy white geese, rescue animals all. I am at the Crossbush Farm Shop a new discovery within easy reach of the town, meat, veg and a decent cup of coffee, great for a visit by adults and kids with craft workshops available on Saturdays. Where else you can get a super bespoke leather belt and watch buzzards doing a sky dance.

It appears to me that we who live our lives in around Littlehampton have very little say in what goes on here in most ways and certainly hardly at all where building and general development  is concerned. We are pretty powerless and the real juice lies in the hands of the consultants, the cabinet of councillors – none of whom live in Littlehampton – the government and the council officers and I offer that list in no particular order. Still, we need not be silent and we must most certainly be vigilant where any development on the West Bank of the river is concerned. Looking at some of the more recent housing developments I dread to think what could happen on the beautiful far bank of our river. Whatever is built there must surely reflect our town’s maritime heritage, this is our watch and whatever happens on it will define our town for years to come.

YOU know you are getting old when you will not bend down to pick up anything short of a fifty pence piece, the upward journey is just too taxing.

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