The urbanisation of Reynard

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March 16, 2016 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith column published in the Littlehampton Gazette March 10th 2016

I accept the fact that the rusty colour coated urban Brer Fox is not everyone’s cup of tea. They can be a nuisance around open bins and, unless you are a wise builder, they can get at your chicken. These things are down to you not to put temptation and the fate of your birds in harm’s way. They will not pass up an easy, late night supper. That said, they have been around a long time and our wasteful ways and, quite honestly, filthy habits in the way in which we dispose of our rubbish and unwanted food has increased their urbanisation. I do have a soft spot for them and love to see my neighbour’s regular visitor, a Christmas card example of a dog fox in large brush, lovely coat and bandit mask when he visits her garden sometimes bringing with him an equally attractive vixen. So much then for the handsome rogue, but what about his mange ridden companions? I was recently shown a series of horrendous photographs taken in the Littlehampton and Rustington area of  several sickly individuals, thin, wasted and with once lovely coats in tatters. You cannot catch up a fox and run it along to A&E but they do need taking care of one way or another, it is not kind to let them run loose, infecting other animals and dying somewhere in abject misery. If you are regularly feeding an infected animal suffering from this miserable condition please contact the National Fox Welfare Centre on 01933 411996 where free effective treatment and advice are available.

THEY talked the talk and they walked the walk, the intrepid duo slogged their way along the last 135k of the Camino de Santiago. Sincere thanks and those of Cancer United and Greg and Dave to readers of this column who are so generously donating to this  ongoing fund raiser. You know who you are, bless you.




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