The hole in the wall gang, gooseander and cormorant…….

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October 10, 2015 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith column published in the Littlehampton Gazette October 1st. 2015

22 MILLION pounds of rate and tax payers’ money has been spent on a sea defence system with a hole in it? It really does beggar belief. The Envionment Agency spokesperson admits they knew about the problem several months ago so why was it not fixed then? Is someone or some organisation somewhere somehow being bloody minded? There are several sides to any story but you would have thought that surely any competent management team would have sorted the mess out before signing off on the project. I guess the fly in the ointment there is the word ‘competent’.

AN ANGLER friend informed me, rather too delightedly, that The Angling Trust backed by DEFRA’s appointment of three Fisheries Management Advisors have initiated a study with the aim of  reviewing the quotas of cormorant and goosander to be killed in order to protect the predation of sporting fish-stocks. My assumption is that they wish them to be raised and I am waiting to hear the stand the RSPB have taken on this matter. At the moment both they and the RSPCA are coming under scrutiny from a government which appears to support the killing of any bird or animal that dares to live a natural life in the countryside. Of course that does not include some species of gamebird which they happily allow to be shot not for the table, but simply for so called sport.

SUPER, sunny early autumn Saturday if ever there was one. I took my friend’s two children to Mewsbrook Park and sat in the sunshine with ice cream and coffee. The café, the playground and the miniature railway make it an excellent family location and it is a crying shame the boating lake is not used. Arun need to resolve the issue in time for next season and make full use of this award winning jewel of a park.

LOCAL cyclists Christine Elson and  companion Andy Smith have just completed a bicycle ride from John O’Groats to Land’s End in twenty one days. The sponsored ride was in memory of Don Lock their cyclist friend so savagely murdered in a road rage attack near Ferring in July. The £500 so far raised will go to Help The Heroes. I happily tip my Stetson to the pair of them.

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