To site b or not to site b? The spinning wheel keeps turning….

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August 31, 2015 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith column published in Littlehampton Gazette August 20th 2015

THAT great roulette wheel of fate is spinning as once again the decision on the siting of the new leisure centre comes to the fore. The big wheel turning, hear the barkers calling, ‘around and around it goes and where it stops no one knows’ although in this case most of us have a fair idea as to where the ball will finally come to rest and it will not be the number  which the majority of us wish it to be. I will sign petitions, attend meetings and carry a banner but I suspect it likely that with the confusion of yet another High Street leisure related questionnaire, Arun will have its way and move it far from its current ideal site to Daisy Fields. If they do then you can bet your spin of the wheel that the opportunistic, fast-buck making councillors will sell off the present site for housing and herald the ending of our lovely seafront open spaces, the thin end of a very large wedge. And the money they make for their coffers will be spent on what? Well that can go towards hiring more consultants for the next fiasco maybe another look at the development of the town centre or to pay off the money wasted on local plans that are found to be not fit for purpose and go nowhere.

THE very day I went clay pigeon shooting the roads were closed because a driver had been murdered in a suspected road rage attack, only later did I learn that the victim was Don Lock a respected and much loved member of the local cycling fraternity. Such a waste, such a tragedy a moment of madness that has touched the lives of so many people. I never met Mr Lock but I wish him a safe haven and a treasured resting place.

THERE is always a bright side to life though, Thor’s mighty hammer crashing down last week, lightening marching along our shoreline, a downpour on my allotment and  great meals at the Arun View and the Steam Packet. Mamma Mia on the green with friends, a fun day at Mewsbrook Park and watching the meteor shower that never was. All I got from an hour’s viewing was a shooting pain in my neck with  not a single shooting star to show for it.

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