Great time for all at the biggest Armed Forces Day on the South Coast…

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July 13, 2015 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith column published in the Littlehampton Gazette July 2nd. 2015

DELIGHTED to read of Councillor Dendle’s recognition of our very successful Windmill Cinema and of his ongoing commitment to its long term existence indeed, ‘for the foreseeable future.’ His determination and commitment to our future leisure facilities is also admirable and I do not doubt his sincerity in making them second to none in the county. That said, I do worry, as many of you do, for the future of our beautiful open seafront and also, while I get it that the whole of the district needs to have a say in how money is spent, I fail to see that the other 80 percent of the district should dictate where those facilities are actually sited. Not living here what possible criteria could they use in reaching such a decision? No one asked me for my observations regarding the siting of developments, leisure or otherwise in Bognor, or did I miss that email? I am also rather sorry about his comments regarding  Cllr Dr James Walsh, I  think the doctor speaks for the local people whatever hat he is wearing and  I guess that is why they elected him to serve on all three councils. We all serve many masters and not the least of these is our own selves.

WHEN our town council put on a show they really do put on a show and in partnership with Harbour Park they gave us what is claimed to be the biggest Armed Forces Day on the South Coast an event to be enjoyed by visitors and local residents alike. An interesting and absorbing day from the march along the prom, the drumhead service, the exhibits, the aerial dogfight, the battle ground re-enactments, the ear shattering roar of the cannon – the bang made me jump and I spilled my cup of coffee – the marching bands, the general atmosphere and camaraderie of the whole sun and fun filled day. Well organised and very well done to all concerned. The all too brief appearance of the spitfire was the only let down but tell me this, why it is that the sight and sound of an airborne Spitfire can reduce grown men and women to tears?

IF I get it wrong, then I get it wrong and I certainly did regarding my earlier comments regarding the scrappy planting of the down at heel looking plants in the sandy banks of the Pier Road flood development. The weedy looking plants  have grown strong, quite lovely and will be even better next year should the thieves and vandals leave them be. Someone on Arun certainly knew what they were doing.

COMING soon to Littlehampton The Tap and Barrel a great new venue for gigs, weddings, good food and locally brewed beer in elegant surroundings… watch this space.

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