One swift does not a summer make, but it is a jolly good start…

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May 29, 2015 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith published in the Littlehampton gazette May 21st. 2015

I AM happy to confess that there are very many things in life that still puzzle me greatly, such as why do I have so many odd socks and why when bed linen comes out of the washing machine is everything  in a tightly tangled bundle inside of the duvet cover? Perhaps most perplexing to me personally is why does my cat like to sleep in a flower pot? A greater puzzle than those though is what motivates an act of vandalism both here locally and around the world especially in the Middle East where priceless architecture and artefacts are stolen or destroyed on an industrial scale. Closer to home these mindless acts seem to occur on a regular basis. The destruction of the horse chestnut saplings in Brookfield Park, the damaging of a whole line of beach huts the weekend before last where little of any real value was stolen as far as I am aware because, in general, folk are too canny as to leave their silver cutlery or high priced electronics in a beach hut. However, the damage done to the fastenings on each door was an expensive drain on Arun council resources. Same applies to allotment plot holders when, with some regularity vandals run amok destroying weeks of their loving, back breaking hard work. Much closer to home, last year, hanging baskets were ripped off from outside of my front door and the lovely contents scattered in Lob’s Wood. I might not have been so angry had those pots been stolen and gone to enhance another home – although, perhaps not. Why do vandals vandalise? A single brief almost immeasurable moment of gratification as they pass by or a deliberate night out on the howl? When caught, a bit unlikely I suppose, the punishment should fit the crime and the perpetrators  made to physically and financially replace the damaged goods so that they can appreciate the time, money and effort  spent on the target of their absolute stupidity.

SWIFTS have at last returned to Western Road, they are a little late this year probably stopped off in France for a croissant.  Whatever the reason for the delay when they did finally arrive they brought with them a lovely sunny day. I have not seen them since though, maybe they have moved up country and who could blame them for that, there is such an air of negativity around at present, perhaps a case of the post-election blues.


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