Keep asking the questions, it is your money…

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May 22, 2015 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith published in the Littlehampton Gazette May 14th. 2015

RIGHT, into the naughty corner you lot, you know who you are, you are the council tax payers who have forced Arun to spend £600,000 of your money over the last four years in order to find out the facts that Arun should have made available to you in the first place. Also remember while standing there, head down, regretting your inappropriate curiosity, that the money would have been better used going toward the millions of pounds already spent over the same period on the consultants who tell us what we need  when we do not really want it. Think about that and then keep on asking the questions. That is why the Freedom of Information Act was passed and as Arun appear not to be the most sharing of local authorities, to such a degree that even some of their own party members have made it clear in the past that the cabinet do not always confide in them. So, is it likely that they will confide in you without a push? That push is the FOI so keep on pushing. Remember, council officers are not elected, they are employed by you and if it be your desire they dig out information you need, then keep them digging.

WELL it’s all over now baby blue, the people have spoken and the scene has been set in Arun for another four years of Tory rule so I guess it will be goodbye to the Windmill Cinema/Theatre as well as the sports and leisure complex and hey ho for new housing to blight our lovely open waterfront and a hotel which only the so called cabinet would like to see. I guess the building of housing on part of the Convalescent Home site is also on the cards and is the thin edge of a very thick wedge. You had your chance so no good moaning now. The Town Council will fight anything they feel will harm our local amenities but, in my humble opinion, when it comes to taking on Arun they are but voices in the wilderness as are we all.

ENJOYED the excellent VE day celebrations as Mayor Cllr. Jill Long lit the portable beacon set in front of the Stage by the Sea, an event slightly marred by the wind which rendered the inadequate sound system next to useless unless you were positioned directly in front of it. Still I got the gist of the speech and it was the occasion itself that was important.

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