Summertime and the living is really, really, really easy? N0!

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May 16, 2015 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette May 7th. 2015

EVEN the rotten weather, a cold wind and dark skies, could not dampen the resolve of the Saturday Artisan Market stall-holders on this bank holiday, and on Monday the bells of the Morris Dancers rang on a warm sunny morning – both enjoyed a good turnout. I am happy to say that, having seen the advance programme of town events supported by Arun, the town council and the Littlehampton Organisation of Contemporary Arts among others we will be in for an entertaining summer where the living is easy and the cotton is high!

THERE are so many useless, meaningless phrases trotted out time after time by celebs who should know better when speaking publically and by people who simply do not think before they speak. Here are four of my favourite least favourites: ‘You know.’ No, I don’t know, but if I do know then why are you telling me? ‘Know what I mean?’ No, I might know what you mean if your conversation were making any sense to me. ‘It really, really, really is…’ If it’s real it’s really real, saying it three times does not make it any more real. And, of course, my all-time least favourite, a favourite which earlier this week for the first time in ages I heard used in the correct context by my grumpy old friend when waxing lyrical about our gorgeous promenade and river; ‘I love nothing more than ‘at the end of the day’ to sit by the river and watch the sun go down over the West beach’ Thank you old chap and perhaps those six little words would make an even better epitaph for your tombstone than the one you have chosen.

LIKE the great majority of Littlehampton residents I was delighted to read that the town council together with local traders, Arun and the CPOs are out to rid the town of the ‘wine club.’ Better late than never. Not sure how Arun found the time to be involved though as they are pretty busy trying to knock the spots from off a certain Dalmatian who still sports itself upon the roof of a Pier Road dwelling.

 APART from the dodgy weather last week, it was an especially a good one for me. My publisher picked up my tenth western which should be out later this year and also showed interest in another novel yet to be finished. After a fifteen year break from westerns it’s good to be ‘riding the range once more, packing my old forty-four..’

DO NOT forget to get out and vote today, remember, use it or lose it. You are voting for the future of our town, make it count.

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