The Merry Month of May, bells on their fingers and bells on their toes…

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May 11, 2015 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette April 30th 2015

WHERE local politics are concerned I am apolitical. Of course, nationally, like most folk I do have certain preferences but where local elections are concerned however I do, and always will, vote for the local candidate who will best represent the area in which I live regardless of political persuasion. With this in mind I have a certain sympathy with those trying to bring about change to the political one party domination in our area. If I wasn’t sure before I am now convinced. After four years of our future being controlled by what some might consider to be an undemocratic cabinet, it seems pretty clear to me where Arun stands regarding Littlhampton’s future. They appear to believe they have the absolute right to assume that every decision, every move is right for us even if we, en masse, do not approve. Born to rule? I don’t think so. That may well have been the way thus far but I have a feeling in these times of social media and the flow of information freely available things could well change and the electorate will actually consider the performances of individual members and vote according to local needs and leave national political agendas, whatever the colour, well out of it. There are independent thinkers on both Arun and the town council, you see them leading the marches and attending local functions whatever the weather. They are the candidates who will listen to us, will protect our town, Windmill Theatre and keep our lovely waterfront free of the housing so beloved of the current regime. Give it some serious thought, I already have… As Bob Dylan predicted a long time ago, ‘the times they are a changing.’

IF YOU like a spot of Morris Dancing then look out Littlehampton because on Saturday the bell ringing, stick thumping, clog dancing Sompting Village Morris Dancers will be popping up all over Littlehampton performing their grand annual May Day Mystery Tour. Starting out from Mewsbrook Park at 11.30 then along the Prom to the East Beach Café, the New Inn, The Moorings Tea Rooms, the Lighthouse, Harbour Lights, the Stage by the Sea and eventually winding up at the Steam Packet.

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