Sandcastles in the air and footprints in the sand…

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April 1, 2015 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in The Littlehampton Gazette March 19th 2015

AT LONG last at least part of the new sea defence work has been completed and the business part of our Pier Road is open once again. Quite impressive really, the elevated walkway looking out and over the river is clean, crisp and a joy to walk on a sunny afternoon. Plenty of seating room for the fish and chippers one of which I will be just as soon as it warms up a bit and, talking to the local folk gathered there, I found all to be largely in favour with only a couple of reservations which I myself share. One would be the choice of sand for the sloping planted areas as, apart from the obvious fact that it is likely to be washed away come heavy rain and is already dotted with footprints and one small attempt at building a sandcastle. Secondly, and I have yet to meet anyone who disagrees, it was a missed opportunity not to pedestrianize the whole area or, at the very least, to make it a single one way traffic lane. Currently the double yellow lines are not enforced and will be that way until April 1st and you can see that in the narrowest parts it is only useable by single line traffic because of the parked vehicles along the eastern side of the road and, come April, blue badge holders can and will continue to park there as is their right.

THE sun pops out and so do my golf clubs and this week my two friends and I took on the beast that is our pitch and putt golf course for the first time since last autumn. The wind, long grass, a very rough rough and uneven wormy greens make this little gem a real test for any golfer, I love it. The question popped into my mind whilst looking for a yellow ball midst a mass of like coloured daffodils, that there are very real threats to our Windmill Entertainment Centre and the leisure and swimming complex yet there has been no mention of the future or otherwise of this lovely open area. We need to keep an eye on Arun District Council as it  seem to want to get its greedy hands on any open space that faces the sea.

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