Get a dog and win a lot of new friends…

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March 19, 2015 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette March 12th. 2015

I HAVE had a lady friend staying with me over the last week, handsome in her own way but a tad neurotic, cried every time I left the house, spent the first couple of days following me from room to room, sleeping on my feet and trying to eat the cat. Settled down after a short while though when the cat fought back, leaving her a nervous wreck, and then accepting the fact that her tears meant nothing to me. She also had the annoying habit of pooping as far away as possible from a red bin leaving me to trek across the green or along the Prom carrying a yellow plastic bag filled with I know not what, certainly not resembling anything I had given her to eat. She chased a ball, thrown from one of those brilliant stick ball throwing things a couple of times but if it went too far she simply stared at me, turned her back and left me to go fetch it. Still, all in all, it was an interesting experience, it got me up and out early in the morning and again late afternoon come rain or shine and I did meet a really nice, chatty lot of other Littlehampton doggy people. Strange how folk are more sociable and all round more friendly if you have a mutt with you. She goes home today and in some ways I will miss her. I have packed her bag but I am retaining any uneaten black dog biscuits as they go down quite well with a late night cup of cocoa.

TREKKED out to Slindon with a friend last week on a wet, gray day, had a simple snack and a glass of wine in the Forge, sadly there is no longer a public house in the village, and ended up in the delightful Church of Saint Mary. A peaceful setting, a  lovely building with that special feel to the interior that you get from very few places of worship these days. Interesting architecture and artifacts including a wooden effigy of ‘The Nameless Knight’ about whom our Sussex poet Hillaire Belloc, when only a young lad of nine, penned a delightful poem a copy of which  I cannot find anywhere, not even in the Collected Works…

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