Shock horror, Inspire leisure out of the bidding…

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February 16, 2015 by Whispering Smith

Whisperng Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette February 5th.2015

RATHER worrying, the whisper going around that the future of the leisure facilities in Lilttlehampton is up for grabs from companies outside of the area and the current operator Inspire Leisure not being invited to put in a tender. There is a growing feeling that the present hierarchy of Arun have no real interest in the needs or indeed the views of our town but sees the area as one big profitable building site with the popular Windmill Cinema and the Leisure Centre sites being the most valuable. In 90 or so day’s time we must remind them that our views do count.

SOMETIMES I wonder if there is any point  in writing to your  MP and the result of my wondering is that it is actually pretty much a waste of time. On several occasions now I have written to our local member usually regarding environmental matters such as fracking, fishing, badger culling and the like and, on each occasion I have had a letter back saying my concerns have been passed onto the minister responsible and he will get back to me, well, that is just not good enough. When I go to the polls later this year I will be voting for the politician I think can best serve me not one who follows some hallowed party political line.  I want to know how he/she feels, thinks or is concerned about and how they will represent me on those matters. I want to know their views now not the views of the government of the day from the minister in charge, I already know those. Of course, you can always check your MP’s voting record online.

FROM 9th February, myWaitrose members who like to drink their free beverage in the café will also need to purchase something from the café such as a sandwich or piece of cake. ‘The decision to change the terms of the offer was not taken lightly. We trialled this system in several stores in December. Everyone reported that the change made the café environment a lot more pleasant, reducing queues, greatly improving seating availability and overall improving the access to the café facility for everyone.’ Uhmm, so you lot, no more cluttering up the place when popping in for a freebie!

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