Pondering over a pig, pyrotechnics and a poll

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October 31, 2014 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette October 23rd. 2014

ON Saturday when lining the town’s streets in order to enjoy the year long efforts of the Littlehampton Bonfire Society’s 62nd. spectacular, think on these things. The organisers are all volunteers and, with the help of other organisations, support from the Town Council, local sponsorship and your generosity it will provide an estimated 40,000 spectators  with a great evening’s entertainment. All monies raised on the street collection – their record is over £9.000 – will go to good causes and not a penny to the Society itself. And, when the last rocket has burst, the last spark is out and the last torch extinguished, the members will be embarking on next year’s event and setting about raising the  £25,000 needed including the £6,000 for the actual fireworks. That means bookings, fund raising through market stalls, boot sales and the hand-making of over 2000 torches. I tip my Stetson to them all.

THE CURIOUSLY named, but eye catching, The Contented Pig has opened on the High Street and is as attractive and welcoming inside as it is out. It’s a restaurant, take away, coffee shop and wine bar all in one. Many hats to wear but it has a feeling of success about it due, in no small way, to the care taken in the design and the adaptation of the Home and Colonial logo. The menu is tempting and I will sample it shortly. In the meantime I have used it as a coffee bar several times and it is comfortable and quiet – you can hear a whisper, no blasting music to drown out conversation, an opportunity to sit and chat over coffee and cake, I wish it well.

THE REFERENDUM was a success, the turnout was marginal and larger would have been better.  3317 votes in total with 2838 votes going to the ayes (around 85%)  and 467 (around 14%) going to the naysayers. Whether or not the views of those interested in the future of our town will be heeded is another matter and only time will tell. Twelve ballot papers were spoiled and you have to ask yourself, why on earth someone would go to the trouble of registering, exercising the democratic right to vote and then go to the polling station only to spoil the ballot paper?

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