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October 9, 2014 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette on October 2nd 2014

IF you live in the town you should by now have received your poll card for voting on the Littlehampton Neighbourhood Plan. This is a very important process and a high turnout is crucial in order to let those who tend to lord it over us know that we have a collective mind of our own and our opinions must be taken into consideration and acted upon within their deliberations. Many of the items in the plan are items you have insisted upon so be sure to mark your poll card, it is very important that you do so on Wednesday, October 15. Go Littlehampton!

A FEW years back when it was commonplace to see a beat bobby walking my Littlehampton street, now sadly a sight of the past, one stopped, rang my front door bell and asked me if I was happy with my security arrangements. I said, quite boastfully, yes I was, thank you very much. I had two dogs, movement activated security lights, burglar alarm, personal alarm, deadlocks, window locks a keen sense of smell and a baseball bat. He approved of all accept the latter, smiled, said good evening and turned as if to leave then, suddenly turning back, he handed me my house keys which I had stupidly left in the front door lock. Red faced, I could hear him chuckling all the way to the corner. A lesson learned.

SEVERAL readers commented on my use the word ‘a gathering’ for our Promenade crows pointing out it should have been a ‘murder’ of crows. Well, anyone with an interest in such matters would know that. It originates from medieval times, dark, superstitious times, when it was claimed that a large flock of the dark birds would attack and kill one of their own kind. To my mind though, you could hardly call the grumpy, idle lot that wander our Prom a flock. More like a dozen morbid corvids, outcasts who sleep a lot, argue a great deal and wander around aimlessly picking at carrion. Perhaps that is what we should name them, a ‘carry on’ of crows or else downgrade the crime to ‘a manslaughter’ ‘ a misdemeaner’ or, better yet,  ‘an ASBO’ of crows. Whatever, thank you for reading the column and for taking the time to comment.


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