Fun filled festival and music, music wherever he goes…

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September 5, 2014 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette August 28th. 2014

ARUNDEL, in Sunday’s afternoon appeared to be mostly populated with folk from Littlehampton. Everywhere I turned there was a familiar face and a moment to chat, swap a lie or two and generally hang out. Car parking was well organised, five quid for the day was a snip. Tablecloth draped tables in the closed thoroughfares, art galleries, drinking in the streets (not a problem given the right environment and a modicum of good manners) good food, Maggot Pie makeup artists and, above all for me, live music everywhere it seemed and a good deal of that flowed from our town. A wonderful Sunday afternoon and evening spent in some very excellent company. Arundel does put on a festive festival. Then came Bank Holiday Monday in Littlehampton and I have to say there are fewer places sadder than a seaside holiday town in the pouring rain. Empty promenade and beach, desolate town centre and hardly a smile to be seen anywhere, even the gulls were miserable. Oh well, there is always next year.

INSPIRED by the recent musical events in the town via The Bamboo Band, I popped into Worthing and called in at the We Have Sound guitar shop in the Royal Arcade. Alex Cockburn the young owner was very knowledgeable and helpful and guided me to a ukulele perfect for a beginner. I was in a musical mood and wanted something grander but his influence on my choice of instrument wisely prevailed. If you are looking for a stringed instrument that shop is well worth a visit. One chapter into my How To Play A Uke book, I wandered over the Stage by the Sea at twilight, no one around so I hit the learned four chords on my newly acquired ukulele, smiled happily to myself and toddled off home again. There it was for one secret and delicious moment a ‘one man bandstand.’ No repeat performance planned.

AND if you like live music don’t forget the Special Little Things  Art and Craft market in the courtyard back of the Silk Road Restaurant in Arcade Road on Saturday from 10.00 am.

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