Curtains for ‘Stormin’ Norman or will he survive to crow another day?

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September 1, 2014 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette August 21st 2014

LOOKS like curtains for ‘Stormin’ Norman and his cockerel companions at the Worthing Road allotments. In a curt and particularly  mean spirited letter from the town council it was confirmed that the single complainant of their cockadoodledoing has had his complaint upheld by Arun and owners have just seven days for their removal. This obviously gives owners a very narrow window through which to rehome them. The Community Resources Committee caved under a real threat from Arun to fine them £20k if they failed to comply with the order within the specified time period. Yet another red card for Arun which, come the election we will remember and see to it that some of the members have a four year match ban. May the other cockerels in the area not associated with the allotment, long continue to crow.

A WEIRD juxtaposition. At one end of the High Street a children’s fun day, face painting, and the Owls About Town. At the other end, on the public benches, five people swigging cans of Special Brew. For most, the drinkers are ignored when they are quiet, the trouble is, they are a volatile bunch and can erupt into a shouting, foul mouthed, anti-social group at any moment. Reduced strength alcohol is a non starter, the stronger stuff will always be available and getting a slow high is not that much different from getting a quick high if the end result is the same. If the town really wants an end to the problem, the authorities must designate non drinking areas and stop being as familiar with them as they appear to be. Sadly, for all concerned, I do not believe it to be a problem with any short term viable solution, simply a problem that goes on in just about every town centre and one which needs addressing nationally and in a caring way.

SWEETCORN, you sew, you nurture and you reap, You forgive the sun for drying out the soil and the rain for flooding the plot, both are beneficial in the long run, and you even forgive the wind for bending and breaking the stalks but where do you stand with the mindless vandals who wander through your allotment after dark and wantonly destroy months of hard work?


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