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August 21, 2014 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith published in the Littlehampton Gazette on August 14th. 2014

LTTLEHAMPTON is a very entertaining place this year and locals and tourists alike are enjoying the fun provided. Okay, so there was a slight hiccup at the start of the Screen on the Green’s showing of Grease, but the Spanish version was quickly replaced and maybe not many people even noticed. When Littlehampton Town Council give they really give. Mayor Jill Long was cheerfully on hand throughout the evening and sportingly Councillor Malcolm Bellchamber, suitably attired, donned a superb black wig to MC the proceedings. And weather held off. Next day the lively Bamboo Band put on a show in the bandstand – good to see it used for the right reasons – and again the sun shone brightly. The previous week at Mewsbrook Park a family fun day provided a good dollop of entertainment with lots of things for children to see and do, some fine music, a bar, good grub and a great crowd. Thank you David Chase, a fun day, community involved and money raised for a worthy charity, in this case Enable Me, job done. One thing puzzled me though, lovely lake, big crowd why on earth was the boating concession not operating?

WHAT exactly is the age that Cllr Dendle considers to be the cut off point for us old over the hill folk who are ‘a’knock, knock knockin’ on Heaven’s (hopefully) door’ before we are no longer able to express an opinion as to the future of our Littlehampton? I also wonder why he professes so vigorously to know exactly what is best for us when the multitude appear to be telling him, the officers and the consultants exactly what we do not want. Would be better to look at his job as it being a bit more of a service than as a business enterprise.

I AM always doubtful of a person who continually interjects the phrase ‘To be honest with you…’ into a conversation, and I never ever trust person who says ‘To be perfectly honest with you…’ I naively expect all people to be honest with me. Listen carefully when you are told just how good things are and are going to be or why they cannot actually be done! Just a thought and, to be perfectly honest with you, one that may surprise you…


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