Scenic views, are they soon to be run out or stumpted?

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May 28, 2014 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette May 22nd 2014

TUESDAY last, during a brief cloudburst, sheltering ‘neath the magnificent spreading horse chestnut tree, I fancied I could see the outline of the crucifixion in the tree’s gnarled, twisted trunk. A fitting image really as out on the pitch of Arundel Castle’s magnificent cricket ground, probably the most beautiful ground in the country, Ian Hislop’s Private Eye eleven were being savaged by the BBC Radio News eleven. Beaten but unbowed, the charming Mr Hislop left the crease – in the confusion and without the benefit of a television replay, I could not tell if he was out or the last man standing – whatever, in the match, he took two wickets and bashed a credible KP style twenty-one runs and graciously posed for a selfie with me, the result of which was too unflattering of both of us to be used in the column. Intermittent showers and damp seats could not spoil a near perfect English afternoon blessed with the best sausage roll on the south coast and wine from a plastic cup.  

JUST WHAT is happening to LA, Rust and Wick and even further afield as tarmac and housing reach out further and further swallowing our countryside and having a considerable effect on our way of life. Going along the coast to Brighton one long retail outlet already built or under the shadow of more concrete the latest being the wasteland north of Rustington. Last weekend a friend and I walked the long grass across the wetlands to the lovely Poling Church, watched the crafty old fox eying up the newly born lambs, listened to the chiff chaff and the distinctive cry of the high flying buzzards watched the orange tip butterflies. Will, I wonder, our grandchildren be following our well-trodden path? Sadly, I think not and, I don’t believe there is a darned thing that I can do about it.

HUGE congratulations to Laura Mott and her handsome young son Finlay, she for taking the photograph and he for modelling. The Littlehampton Town visitor poster will be seen by thousands and, I hope, many of them come and spend some dosh and enjoy themselves in our fair town and on our lovely beach… maybe before it all disappears!.


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