By pass, Top Hat reunion and talking rhubarb…

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April 24, 2014 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette on May 10th. 2014

IT OCURRED to a friend of mine, after being stuck in traffic for fifteen minutes at the Crossbush Junction that, as it seemed unlikely the Arundel bypass will ever be built, the triple junction could with some minor alterations make an ideal roundabout. Three way traffic flows from and to Angmering, Littlehampton and Arundel and roundabouts do seem to be  a speedier solution to keep traffic flowing than do traffic lights which don’t always work and cannot make a judgement as to which road is the busiest at any one time. Just a thought…

IF YOU were ever a user of the town’s popular Clifton Café or Top Hat then you are in some fine company. Facebooker Carol Turner posted the idea of a grand reunion onto the Littlehampton Flashback’s page and was very swiftly inundated with shouts of approval. From far and wide came the messages of support and a date was set for all to meet at, aptly enough as The Top Hat used to be on the site, Weatherspoon’s in  Surrey Street on May 30th from 8.00 pm onwards. So get your glad rags together and be prepared to meet some old, yes sadly, some very old friends to reminisce past times and to remember those who are no longer with us. I will remind you again nearer to the date

PANIC stations last week when I lost my iPhone. I rang it many times hoping someone would pick up but, nothing. I backtracked my way through the day and found myself at my allotment where I asked a fellow allotmenteer to ring me on his mobile, just in case, and there was ‘my precious’ hiding in a patch of vegetation making its unusual ring tone clearly heard. The elderly gent on the neighbouring plot viewed the goings on with some amusement and said, finally…’I thought your rhubarb was making a funny noise this morning!’

MP NICK GIBB held audience at the Look and Sea Centre last week, an interesting and seemingly very reasonable fellow. I hope that he will finally come out against the continued and pointless culling of badgers and see that the millions spent on such a cull could be  better spent on research for an anti bovine tb vaccination which would cure the problem once and for all time.

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