Council members need to listen to the voice of the town, it is shouting…

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December 28, 2013 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith published in the Littlehampton Gazette December 19th 2013

JUST finished reading The Arun Times which, like its sister newsletter Progress, is packed with photographs and is really just a self-congratulating pat on the back from the Arun and Littlehampton Town Council members respectively, at our expense and, I would guess from the production, that expense is considerable. Perhaps that is how members in the confines of their respective chambers and sitting on their various committees see themselves but out on the street it is a little different. It is true that all politicians are suffering something of a lack in the respect and trust departments due, in the main, to their seemingly lack of concern as to what people actually think, want and need. But it is more than that, it is an irritation at the way many of them seem to totally disregard the local needs in their single minded pursuit of some bigger picture they feel destined to force upon us. Many councillors do sterling work but a few photographs, a photo opportunity and a sound bite here and there do not cut it with the silent majority who, I am delighted to say, are getting noisier by the minute with some support from within the councils themselves. Still, it is the season of good will, so I wish them all the very best for the holiday and for the new year in the hope that one of their resolutions will be to pay just a little more attention to the voice of the people in Littlehampton and less to their political masters.

RIVERSIDE FISH reports  some outstandingly large  fish caught locally including an 18 pound turbot, a 20 pound cod and a 15 pound bass, must have been something they ate off of our beach. The popular stall is still doing well in spite of harassment by some traffic wardens because customers need to park for a few minutes. I hope this attitude changes as businesses in Pier Road need all the help they can get from the various local councils.

WHITE CHRISTMAS, well, whatever your  dreams may be, we should be getting a cinema of sorts early in the New Year, the regular one having been closed now for 324 days. Thanks for supporting the column over the past year and for your continued feedback, have a safe, happy holiday and a healthy and happy new year.


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