Could developers be jumping the gun here?

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December 8, 2013 by Whispering Smith


Whispering Smith published in the Littlehampton Gazette November 28th. 2013

RODE THE train to Brighton last Wednesday, a weekly journey until we get our cinema back, and was surprised to see the amount of work being done on the proposed new retail site between the railway and the A259 at Rustington. Mature trees have been felled, the land cleared and landscaped with stakes marking out various areas. As far as I know, no planning permission has yet been  granted although proposals have been submitted to Arun. So, what is going on? Do the developers know something we council tax payers do not or is it just a ‘chancer’ operation where they are pretty sure their plans will be approved? I have been told that the old fir trees were felled at the behest of the railway authorities, but if that is so, why not the more dangerous looking trees standing just prior to the site? All a bit of a mystery really and one to consider when planning permission is eventually discussed.

VISITED the new Sainsbury’s and  found that detractors may well be right, it is a bit of an eyesore and I would not want to live next door.however, as a shopping facility it is excellent. Helpful staff, wide aisles, minimum of queuing and it is one of the few outlets to stock Dead Pony Club beer, and that’s a big plus. Just be sure to remember where you left your car. I was wandering around the car park like a lost sheep for ages trying to find mine when an elderly gentleman asked me if I was looking for my car. Thinking he was going to help, I said yes. But no, with a twinkle in his eye he said that, if I found mine, would I help him find his? Worth the visit for that moment alone.

IS CYCLING still banned in the High Street precinct? I am told that it is. Well, perhaps the signs which stood guardian at each end of the precinct need reintroducing as cyclists still weave dangerously in and out of the pedestrians. Last week I watched gobsmacked as TWO cyclists rode through the crowd and past a community policeperson who was chatting with a member of the public.

A WONDERFUL LIFE, well it certainly would be if we had our cinema back. 303 days closed and counting.

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