Time for the dog to wag the tail….

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November 19, 2013 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette November 7th. 2013

ASK YOURSELF, when did you vote to elect an Arun council officer to represent your interests? The answer is, you did not. You voted for a candidate, of whatever political persuasion, to speak on your behalf and to look out for those interests and the interests of the town and the local community, that is the democratic way. Appalling then that elected luminaries such as Gil Brown, leader of the council,  past mayors Alan Gammon and Dr James Walsh, Ricky Bower and the current mayor, Joyce Bower, were among those shocked to find that the consultants had been briefed by officers not to include a cinema in the proposed new complex  at St. Martin’s car park. Unless those officers were commanded by some dark force, it is time for our councillors to take a stand, use the authority we gave them, override those salaried officers, do what they were elected to do and earn our trust and their expenses. Let’s have the dog wagging the tail for a change instead of the other way around!

SHAMEFUL the abuse and criticism levelled at some members of the Bonfire Society over its sensible decision to cancel the event after consultation with the fire brigade and other parties. The event takes months to organise, to fund raise and to take on the ultimate responsibility every year for the safety of thousands of people. Few realise, that after the event and as soon as the ashes are cool, members are on site having to handpick the thousands of nails, nuts and bolts and metal from the bonfire embers.

COUNCILLORS do have good ideas and, in many cases, the best of intentions. It is just that somewhere along the trail those ‘good ideas’ go a little astray. The bandstand is a good case in point, in original concept excellent, in eventual execution, a disaster. Pondering its daily growth I am impressed with the amount of steel and concrete used in the construction of such a tiny structure. Considering it will only accommodate fifteen and the shelter considerably less, it is being built on a mighty scale and looks more like a bomb shelter than a beach shelter…

THE THIRTY NINE STEPS that is just about how many weeks it has been since our cinema was taken from us. 



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