Our post office will not fit into an optician’s back room, anyone can see that…

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November 12, 2013 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith published in the Littlehampton Gazette October 31st. 2013

A FRIEND recently visited a High Street ATM, checked her account and then withdrew £200. In a bit of a hurry, and probably distracted, she took the receipt and left the money. Realising her mistake she approached the bank but they were unable to help as the machine balanced and the cash was gone. Perplexed yet philosophical about the loss, my friend, whilst recognising it was entirely her fault, could not help but wonder who stole the money and hopes that the thief’s need was as great as her own.

THE Post Office has declared a six week period of consultation on the removal of our Crown Post Office and its re-siting as a back room operation in a new High Street opticians. Having a laugh are they? Have they ever seen the size of the queue at the counters of the current operation, do they really think we would approve such a move? Is their ‘consultation’ genuine? I am afraid the answer to all three questions is an emphatic NO! They have been presented with a petition saying just that and signed by 4000 residents. Consultation over.

THE FETES were not kind last weekend and the rain and high winds spoiled for so many the Bonfire Society’s annual celebrations. A large number of local folk work very hard throughout the year planning and raising money to provide Littlehampton with a spectacular evening celebration that is second to none in the county. Still, there is always next year I suppose…

LIKE SO many people, I fear for the future of our Windmill Theatre and support the efforts of the Save the Windmill Campaign. Their latest fund raiser is a gig by local group The Nuts on Friday November 1st. at the Maltravers Road Social Club with tickets at a fiver each on the door – £3 if you turn up in Halloween costume. I will be there along with St Jude…

THE DEAD ZONE, is a fair description of our defunct cinema, equipment  gathering dust while the politicos sit on our money and mumble on about the future with a complete disregard for the present. Closed for 275 days and counting.



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