Strike up the band, well, some of them…

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October 26, 2013 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette October 17th.2013

I WAS watching the workmen busy building our new bandstand when an elderly gentleman came along, stood beside me, grunted and said, in dour tones, that the whole thing was a complete waste of money and a waste of space, it would only be vandalised. He expected me to respond, but how do you address such negativity? I shrugged, muttered and pretended I was foreign – I’m really quite good at that, ask any Littlehampton High Street vendor trying to flog a subscription to this, that or the other thing. He looked at me long and hard, I guess, holding me in the same light as he did the impending bandstand, grunted, muttered something under his breath and moved on. Why the negativity I do not know. Every seaside town needs a bandstand. It’s a must have for our Littlehampton Concert Band, for the many musical talents around our streets, for poets, play makers, outdoor theatricals and then, I’m thinking the guy was partially right. Our Concert Band usually fields a minimum of forty players and the bandstand is only designed for fifteen. Oh well, at least, the back end of the building will provide some comfort in the winter which should appease those who still bemoan the demise of the ‘urinals’ that were sometimes referred as shelters.

THANK YOU Terry Ellis for the note re the swans. Yes, I too have had them turn up their beaks at lettuce but happily take a chip or two. Thing is, it is not such a problem in summer when they can graze the fields but, in the winter, they might find it harder so broken up moistened bread is manna from Heaven to a hungry John Swan.

I HEAR local businessman Andrew Cooper has once again taken over chair of Rustington Parish Council. Andy, who is already a member of the Arun District Council, is going to be a busy man. I feel that Rustington is on the cusp of something and could go either up or down with these new builds. I hope it is not changed as it is a delightful place to shop and meet people.

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