It never rains but it pours…

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October 20, 2013 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette October 10th. 2013

ALTHOUGH planning permission for the proposed new retail site in Rusington has yet to be applied for let alone approved, it is sad to see that several of the splendid old  pine trees which bordered the southern boundary have already been felled and removed, not by the developers but by Network Rail. I guess the whole coastal strip along the A259 is destined to become one long concrete store from Worthing to Littlehampton. What a miserable thought, and one can only hope the planners will work out where the rainwaters, which use this vast site as a soak away, are now headed. I hope that Arun, usually quite hot at this sort of thing, keep a close eye on the site – we don’t need another Sainsbury monstrosity – and see to it that new trees replace any that are removed and that the natural habitat is adequately protected.

I HAVE never been a fan of Kingmere and I don’t lay awake at night wondering how it ever got planning permission, but it is a welcoming landmark when coming over Long Furlong after a long drive from London. Now surrounded by scaffolding and shrouded in blue mesh the tower block has taken on a new air, a new dignity, and a few rambling roses, Virginia Creeper or ivy permanently greening the hazy blue sides would improve it even further.

FOLLOWING the grand ceremony at Caffyns Field last Saturday where the Mayor, on behalf of the Town Council granted the freedom of the town to 30 IX Royal Marines – and the Town Council really do these things very well – I was asked why some of the marines were in khaki while the majority were in dress blues? Simple, they were not marines, they were regular soldiers of various regiments of the British Army (engineers, artillery etc.) attached to the Royal Marines Unit. 

THE COLOR OF MONEY, your money, our money!  Arun have squirreled away 32 million pounds contingency money and cannot find a few thou to keep our cinema open? What are they waiting for, a rainy day? Look outside, it’s pouring. Come on Arun give us some of our money back. Cinema now closed for 247 days and counting and I for one am fed up with trekking to Chichester and Brighton.


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