Farewell to our local pub landlord, hello rabbit pie…

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October 6, 2013 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette September 26 2013

AFTER seven years as landlord, Nick Best is throwing in the bar towel at Norfolk Road’s New Inn. Reasons vary, but he told me that problems with the actual building coupled with the general problems faced by any pub landlord anywhere, made it a less than satisfactory enterprise. Certainly he has put in a considerable effort to entertain visitors and locals alike and the weekend gigs have, over the years, provided an excellent venue for local talent, of which there is plenty in Littlehampton. Nick also offered regular spots to out of towners like Willy and the Bandits, Willy Austin and my own favourite The Joss Peach Trio, acoustic jazz with steak and chips for a tenner, real value that. I also recall a summer’s afternoon golf charity match organised by the pub and played on the nearby pitch and putt course. Our team were determined to win by fair means or foul and, I suspect, it was by the latter we claimed victory.  The Inn is a real ‘local’ and as a listed building, is likely to continue being so. Thanks, Nick, and good luck, a fabulous last night  and delighted to hear that you are not leaving Dodge.

I THOUGHT long and hard before committing these thoughts to page having lost a few friends with my kind words re gulls, this may lose me a few more. Why the righteous fury over Ford prisoners eating a few rabbits? These likeable rodents do get a bit out of hand at times and eating a few of them is far better than having a pest controller gas, trap or poison them and leave them to rot. Up near Highdown one time, I followed my nose to a terrible stench and discovered a rotting heap of dead bunnies. A scandalous waste. They make super eating in pie or casserole, full of nutrition and are near cholesterol free. Great tucker that’s why the Romans brought them to our shores in the first place, they fed a marching army.

THE MONEY PIT: Unbelievable! After all that has been said and written, the wise men and women of the Arun District Council are committing another £12,000 to consultants to be told what you have already told them. That money could have gone toward saving our cinema which has now been closed for 233 days and counting.



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