The Town Show, visiting seals, seagulls and Calamity Jane…

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September 29, 2013 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith’s Column published in the Littlehampton Gazette September 19th. 2013

FAMILY FUN DAY and the Town Show were well attended as usual and thanks be that common sense ruled when, some time back now, it was agreed that the two events should remain at the same venue rather than separate them as was once mooted. The weather was a bit dreary but you cannot keep a happy crowd down and adults and children alike seemed to enjoy the attractions and the grub. The Thai Kitchen excellent, the hog roast a delight although one little girl was a bit perplexed when her mother told her, yes, it was a real live pig or, rather, it had once been a real live pig. Pets’ corner was a predictable draw for the youngsters and adults milled around in the marquee which wasn’t quite up to last year’s offering, too many tombola stands and not enough general produce stalls. The Town Show veg also seemed a little lacklustre and my beans and beets were as good as anything on show so, next year, watch out, there’s a new gardener in town thanks to the council’s splendid allotment scheme. A real family afternoon out and something to look forward to again next year.

THE VISITING SEAL has been seen by just about everyone in Littlehampton but by the time I get to wherever he was, he isn’t. Last week I had three tweets but each one was a no-show by the seal. Just my luck that our most celebrated visitor is shy and  avoids the press, that is he was until last week, when, on my regular evening promenade stroll, there he was cavorting with a grey mullet quite close to the mouth of the river and surrounded by gulls..

AND, yes, to the gentleman in the street who told me that there is no such bird as a seagull, I did know that. On the other hand I do recall a fine feathered fellow known as Jonathan Livingstone…

CALAMITY JANE: is the first of the new season’s films to be shown at Jane Wood’s East Beach Café on October 3rd. £15 quid for movie and a winter warmer of a supper. The Putting Green Café is also screening a season of films for £5 plus refreshments, check with venue for titles. These are the only movies in town since we were robbed of our cinema, closed now for 226 days and counting…


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