Political wriggle, samphire and the Proms…

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August 3, 2013 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith published in the Littlehampton Gazette July 25th. 2013

DON’T YOU just love the way politicians toss out that tired old phrase ‘in times of austerity’ when they don’t want to do something you want them to do? Sure, the cinema as it is will not be a going concern even though outside organisers have shown an interest in making it one but that will not be fulfilled unless there is the possibility of a longer lease of the premises and that is not going to happen. I suspect that the ADC have their own ideas for the future of the site and cannot wait to be rid of the complex all together and the valuable site redeveloped. As for the rest of Arun paying for our loss making cinema, as council cabinet member stated in last week’s gazette letters pages,, isn’t that a two way street with LA paying its share toward other none too profitable enterprises across the district? I do not make the headlines, the ADC do that, and neither do I dismiss the valiant efforts made by so many for an alternative cinema provision, I merely say that it should be there as a support to a professionally run cinema and I will continue to do so and, I hope that in the future, I or someone like me will be around to remind the electorate of the dubious way the whole deal was mishandled from day one by the Arun.

I DON’T usually offer culinary advice but cannot let this tip slip by. Riverside Fish, the stall in Pier Road has, over the past several weeks, been offering Norfolk samphire and it is the very best and the most tender I have ever eaten. Raw or quickly boiled it is super good for you and a wonderful supplement to local LA caught fish which, incidentally, you can also buy there. Be quick though, samphire has a very short season.

A REMINDER that on September 21st. The Littlehampton Concert  Band will be holding their annual Last Night Of the Proms at the Windmill – remember the Windmill, it’s where we used to have a cinema? Always a thoroughly enjoyable evening, like the real thing but in miniature with Jerusalem, the flags, the horns and all of the razzamatazz associated with the Albert Hall but without the parking hassles!

GONE WITH THE WINDMILL: LA’s last movie showing blew away 169 days ago and counting…

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