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June 22, 2013 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith published in the Littlehampton Gazette June 13th.2013

DEJA VU all over again! Went along to the public meeting organised by the Communications Workers Union  with representatives of the Town Council and Post Office Limited, and although it was a Labour initiated campaign to begin with and the petition was launched by them, it was good to see councillors of all persuasions in attendance showing it to be a Littlehampton battle and not a political point scorer. Been there before though, twice in fact. Same questions from the floor, same empty answers from the POL. We lost a similar battle over closure of the Rustington post office and an excellent sub post office in Norfolk Road just a few years back. Many protested then but the promised ‘consultation’ was like all consultations, a lip service to quieten the restless crowd, it is an empty word we have become extremely wary of. POL like our own Arun District Council, love the word but it is quite meaningless to them as the decisions are made long before the proposals for ‘consultation’ ever reach us. Witness the shenanigans with our very own Windmill Entertainment Centre and you may foresee the outcome of this latest bash at LA. I will walk the walk and talk the talk but in all honesty I do sadly believe, in spite of a heroic effort from Councillor Mike  Northeast and many others, the Arcade post office is at the mercy of the POL and they will go ahead with whatever they have already decided which will be whatever suits them best and the petition of getting on for 2000 signatures so far – the real LA consultation – will be ignored. The big question will still remain though, where on earth can they relocate the very busy and excellent provision we already have? I know LA pretty well and if there is a suitable alternative, I’ll be blessed if I can see it!

THANK you for all of the enquiries re the funeral of Graham Edwards. The service will be at Worthing Crematorium on Friday June 21st. at 1.00pm. The family suggest casual dress and request no flowers with any donations made to The Littlehampton branch of the RNLI. If you can make it, they would love to meet you and, if not, well as Graham would surely have said, ‘…that’s not a problem’.

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